Package 1 Details

Here is a more detailed description of Package 1 -

$1090 Ceremony and Reception, if the reception is on the same property and within Atlanta metro area.
There is an additional $100 charge if the Reception is located off-property from the Ceremony.
There is an additional $100 travel fee if the wedding is located in North Georgia and considered outside the Atlanta Metro area.
There is an additional charge if "getting ready" footage is requested off-property from Ceremony.

There is NO TIME LIMIT for our services!

Here's what you can expect with a Package 1....
-1 Cameraperson
-Arrive for the Ceremony 2-3 hours in advance
-Exterior facility footage
-Minimal pre-ceremony coverage
-Video pre-ceremony and/or post-ceremony picture-taking
-Wireless-mic for the ceremony
-One manned camera for Ceremony
-One un-manned camera for Ceremony

-FULL reception coverage, one camera
-First dance
-Cake cutting
-Garter toss
-Bouquet toss
-People shots
-Bride/groom departure... We won't leave until you do!

-5 DVDs housed in plastic booklet cases with photo-printed cover/back insert.
-DVD has main menu screen with "Ceremony" and "Reception" chapters.
-Additional chapters at our discretion

It is at OUR CHOICE AND DISCRETION to attempt any pre-ceremony footage of the bride or groom. During the Ceremony, circumstances beyond our control may affect the final project: soloist standing out of visual range, groomsman blocking the bride's face, church restrictions on camera placement and wireless mic use, unexpected flower arrangement blocking a view, bride/groom blocking unity candle, groom's jacket ruffling against microphone, equipment failure, etc, ...

During the Reception, it is at OUR CHOICE AND DISCRETION whether or not to solicit wedding guests to give well-wishes to the bride and groom "on the spot". low-light conditions may affect the quality of Reception footage.

If you have any further questions, call 404-242-3195 or

send email.